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If scientists had tried to develop a man that every woman on Earth will go wild over, they couldn't have done any better than Jay Smooth. Hotties who love a perfectly muscled frame will salivate over this former professional soccer player's sculpted physique; ladies who are partial to a handsome face will be instantly enamored with the blue steel gaze and firm jaw that made Jay such a success in his past career as a male model. And, of course, the nymphos who are looking for a big dick will be more than happy with the size of Jay's package! Mr. Smooth is more than just a perfect physical specimen. True to his name, Jay is a real charmer, but his smoothness is anything but an act. This stud's passionate scenes reflect his genuine desire to treat a lady right and give her the time of her life. No wonder babes from Europe to America can't get enough of him!

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